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180 AMSTERDAM, Amsterdam / ASICS / 2013

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The running Speed Cam was a new, innovation, conceptualised and created especially for ASICS and the 2013 'Journey of Improvement' campaign.

Although speed cameras on the road are a common sight, this is the first time such technology has been utilised to track the speed of everyday athletes. The ASICS Speed Cam harnesses an existing technology with a progressive slant, allowing our target athlete to benefit from the evolution.

The Speed Cam sensor had to be programmed to record and display speeds from 0 kph and up, to reflect possible human running speeds and to be accurate to a hundredth of a second. Traditional speedometers are generally made to record vehicle speeds of 15 kph and up.

We built numerous running speed cameras and placed them 50 metres apart from each other on a path in a popular running park.

As athletes ran by the first Speed Cam, their speed was measured and displayed on the cam's LED screen. The next Speed Cam, visible in the distance, again told athletes their speed as they moved into range, so they could gauge their improvement from one ASICS Speed Cam to the next.

Special software was written to translate the Speed Cam readings into bespoke messages based on the runner's speed. Each runner within a certain speed range was also given a message that we had pre-determined as appropriate for their speed. Either to motivate and encourage, or congratulate; exclaiming "Better your best, keep running" or "You are in the speed zone!"

The second Speed Camera also printed out a 'speeding ticket', containing the runner's speed, photo and a free Foot ID voucher to be redeemed at the nearby ASICS retail store.

By including the free ASICS Foot ID on the 'speeding tickets', we supported athletes in finding the right shoe, again helping them improve physically.


So far, we have hosted one ASICS Speed Cam event. As well as being the launch, this event served as a test run to gauge how well the technology worked, the consumer response, and the device's success in driving 'speed ticket' recipients into the retail store. Once we have fully quantified the results, we plan on hosting additional Speed Cam events in other key markets.

In the future, the Speed Cams will serve as a useful tool to amplify brand awareness of ASICS sponsored running events, such as the Paris and NYC marathon. Often, brands own media space around sponsored events , but it is unusual for a brand to develop a tool that directly aids athletes in achieving improvement during the event.

During the Speed Cam event, 95% of the free Foot ID vouchers were distributed. It attracted hundreds of runners and passers-by in the park. There was an excellent response rate from athletes. Runners continued to pass by time and time again, intent on getting a better speed. We learned that runners would very much appreciate if the speed camera became a permanent fixture, so improvement could be gauged week after week, or even year after year.

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