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Spend less on your children

AMAZON, Seattle / AMAZON / 2023

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The goal was to create a campaign that showed how Amazon was a single-trip destination with everything customers needed for BTS and the retailer with everyday low prices on all those BTS essentials. The objectives were to convince parents of kids K-8 that Amazon was a top destination for all their BTS shopping all at a great price.

The tongue-in-cheek campaign utilized a celebrity “spokes-mom,” Kathryn Hahn, to point out all the ways that kids cost parents money and how fellow parents could save more money by shopping on Amazon. The spot highlighted different parental insights and showed how Amazon was the top destination for various back to school product categories from clothes to school supplies.


Our kids are great. They’re also expensive. So for Amazon’s Back to School campaign, we told parents to spend less on their kids. Because in a year of historic inflation, we figured parents could use some savings. And some laughs. We casted celebrity parent, Kathryn Hahn (star of the “Bad Moms” movie trilogy), as our brutally honest “spokes-parent” who proudly declared that she was spending less on her children, and encouraged other parents to do the same.


The campaign amassed i1.1B impressions across all channels and was featured in articles from Marketing Dive, AdAge, AdWeek, and E!News. Kathryn even made an AdAge list for “Top 5 Celebrity Brand Ads of the Month.” Our work increased brand perception of good value in the relevant categories and fans of the celebrity generated additional content across social channels which helped increase engagement and positive sentiment.

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