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To create a new to world brand of Captain Morgan, that would enter into the shots and cocktail category. One that would be brought to life using an aspect of the Captain Morgan brand's heritage, brand truths and folklore.

The new packaging had to deliver alone on the ‘Big Idea’ which drove the positioning and design of the new bottle and label. Be unique, yet be appealing to adult legal age males and their mates along with females in the crowd.The packaging should create its own buzz but stay true to the brand.


Through our own knowledge and digging deep into the brand archives, as well as reading history books on Captain Henry Morgan, we found ourselves with a multitude of exciting and colourful stories. The issue came down to which ones would work best.Upon finding the story of Captain Morgan's death, the toast of the ‘Kill Devil’ rum, his grave being violently washed to sea...that sparked the BIG idea of the bottle design. Based off the art of time, adding the premium cues and craft, along with the mystery of what happened to Captain Morgan himself.

Hundreds of sales kits went out to the trade, complete with drink guides and Captain Morgan Black spiced rum signature drinks. Not many realise the ultimate secret of this new bottle, as the rum is being consumed, on the back of the label is the amazing story and a vision of how the Captain looks today, ruling the deep as just a skeleton but never letting go of his trademark cape and victory pose!


The trade and sales force went wild for the entire idea. All the steps were carefully taken for the perfect launch. The USA is now blanketed with this winner. The buzz is in the streets, all our friends have caught onto it without us saying a word and already the internet and You Tube is alive with chatter of this new bold yet smooth and clearly exciting dark spiced rum from Captain Morgan.

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