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NORD DDB, Stockholm / MCDONALD'S / 2022

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McDonald’s had an important launch – the spicy version of their classic nuggets. But how could we make this product a hit?


Instead of creating a commercial, we made one of the year’s biggest music hits in Sweden. Two of the hottest artists – Jazlin and B.Baby – wrote a new song about the spiciest nugget. It was released with music video, showcasing the artists rapping their loveletter to this new product, on the roof of a McDonald’s, in-front of a huge logo, and in other overtly branded ways. To guarantee authenticity, we partnered with a hip hop production company – and gave the artists the creative freedom to express their love for spicy nuggets. All of this made sure that the hottest item on the menu became the hottest song on the charts.


Break Spicy Nuggets into youth culture by creating buzz in the hip hop community.


We made a hip hop music video with a spicy theme, featuring two of Sweden’s hottest artists.


The song organically reached top 10 on the biggest hip hop playlist in Sweden. Some of the biggest names in Swedish hip hop shared and celebrated it on their social media, and several hip hop publications wrote about the campaign. Sales of Spicy Nuggets exceeded expectations, and when the product was removed from the menu, young people started protesting loudly in McDonald’s comment section asking to bring them back.

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