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Splash of Gold

180HEARTBEATS+JUNG von MATT, Warsaw / OPEL / 2016

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We took the Opel Astra - Upsets the luxury class, claim very, very seriously. Our idea was simple: backfire on Astra as it`s trying to give people something, which they could get only in a pricey cars, available only for wealthy people.

So we`ve spoofed the wealthy people and we`ve attacked Opel billboards and showrooms around Poland with a gold paint.


From 8th to 20th november, we`ve attacked the Opel billboards and showrooms around the country with a gold paint. We were posting about it on Opel fanpage, heating up conversation using 3 troll profiles. Trolls questioned the brand, saying that it should stick to it`s place in the market and don`t give such a luxury features to the people. Campaign quickly created two different groups. In the first one, we had haters, who attacked the Astra for challenging the premium class and trying to change something.

The second group, way more larger, was the fans group. They stood up behind the brand, saying that Opel managed to combined a progressive design with a lot of innovations inside the car.

We end up the campaign saying that Golden Splash is over and everybody is welcome to the Opel showrooms to see in a detail the luxury interior of the Astra.


More people get to know new Astra, thanks to 1 337 598 impresion of posts.

Facebook users engaged a lot, proving that they’re standing strong behind the brand. 4 356 post likes, 591 users’ comments, 179 posts’ shares.

Astra showed that it’s not afraid to start the conversation by proving that it is not a car for boring people, who like how things just are.

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