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The world's largest gaming festival was held in Riyadh, bringing some of the biggest gaming publishers from around the globe for eight weeks of epic gaming and esports competitions.

Spotify decided to become a key sponsor of the event, however, as a key player in the world of music streaming, we saw this as a prime opportunity to promote Spotify's popular "Yella Gaming" editorial playlist.

That's why we planned an on-ground activation that would allow Spotify to naturally integrate into the experience of the event and drive engagement and affinity for Spotify without resorting to traditional advertising tactics that might be overlooked by discerning gamers.

The ultimate goal was to position Spotify as the best gaming companion and to position the brand as relevant to the gaming community.


The relationship between music and gaming is as old as gaming itself. From the pulse-pounding symphonies of action games to the ethereal soundscapes of immersive adventure titles, music has always played a crucial role in elevating the gameplay experience and immersing players in the game's world.

However, we knew that simply promoting music wouldn't be enough to capture the attention of savvy gamers. That's why we took things to the next level with Spotify Trivia. Whether a gamer is a fan of fast-paced action, epic adventures, or a lover of specific music genres, Spotify Trivia had something for everyone.

By sparking memories of the special moments they've had while playing their favorite games, we knew that we would connect with gamers on an emotional level and win their hearts and minds.


Gen-z and the younger generations are key target audiences for Spotify in Saudi Arabia. Since this segment is particularly passionate about gaming, the event was a golden opportunity to reach this audience.

One of the most important elements was to understand gamers' behaviors, one thing they all have in common is their competitive nature. That's why we designed the game to tap into their competitiveness, with a leaderboard as part of a journey to win prizes.

Promoting the "Yella Gaming" editorial playlist came as a natural part of the gameplay journey as it finally redirected player to Spotify on their phones through a scannable code.


We teamed up with one of Saudi's talented game developers to create an exciting Trivia game with an attractive interface that can be played in both Arabic & English. Players had to answer questions correctly and quickly to land leaderboard positions and win prizes.

To make the game more thrilling, we included a lifeline feature that eliminates two out of four answers.

This interactive arcade game challenges players to showcase their knowledge of music in their favorite games. Therefore the curated trivia questions included gaming, music and Spotify universes, all in one consolidated experience.

After every trivia round, we made sure to include a message that promotes Spotify's "Yella Gaming" playlist with a scannable Spotify code.

The game was installed on devices that were inside four arcade shaped structures to trigger interest throughout the event's eight weeks.


At the last day of the event, the arcade recorded an impressive 9.5K registered players, with 16% of them scanning the playlist code, increasing traffic towards the Spotify app.

This has contributed directly to the spike of +176% in DAU (Average Daily Active Users) of the "Yella Gaming" playlist during the live dates of the arcade.

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