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In March 2022, Spotify entered a multi-year partnership with globally renowned football club, FC Barcelona. With this partnership, Spotify would not only become the main partner with shirt naming rights, but also became the first ever partner to rename the iconic stadium, Spotify Camp Nou. In entering this partnership, one of the key goals was to elevate artists and bring together music and football like never before.


During El Clásico, the greatest rivalry of the year, in front of the biggest audience in world football, we did the unthinkable: we removed our logo from the kit, and gave the space to ROSALÍA to celebrate the one year anniversary of her MOTOMAMI album. 700+ million fans worldwide and 90K+ live spectators watched this first-of-its-kind collaboration, creating a cultural moment that brought music and football together in a way only Spotify could.

We created unprecedented buzz online with teaser videos, shareable playlists, and behind-the-scenes images that featured players and ROSALÍA herself. MOTOMAMI branding took over the FC Barcelona stadiums, stores and training grounds. Our special match kits sold out instantly as fans clamored to own a piece of the event. And we drove fans from around the world onto Spotify, causing ROSALÍA streams to skyrocket before and after the match.


For the first El Clásico at Spotify Camp Nou stadium since the inception of the partnership, Spotify had the opportunity to showcase the true potential of this partnership, by bringing sports and music together like never before. Knowing that kit collabs aren’t novelty alone, we strategically partnered with the perfect artist, Barcelona-born superstar ROSALÍA, to make this a cultural moment that’s larger than the kit alone. By connecting fans of the world’s biggest football club with fans of the world’s most streamed Spanish artist, we set the stage for a historic Catalan icon to honor a new one, live in front of hundreds of millions of people across the globe.


Spotify and FC Barcelona's special El Clásico match kit featuring ROSALÍA's MOTOMAMI brought music and football together in a way only Spotify could, and created a cultural moment that caused unprecedented buzz amongst fans.

We teased the jersey collab with a recreation of ROSALÍA'S iconic chewing gum social video meme featuring FC Barcelona players. We revealed the kit with an online film and a social post by ROSALÍA that is now her most-liked piece of content ever. Our special match kits sold out instantly as fans clamored to own a piece of the event. To get people excited for the upcoming match, we released social videos with players listing their top 5 ROSALÍA songs and let fans choose their own on Spotify. On matchday MOTOMAMI branding took over FC Barcelona stadiums, stores, and players themselves, so 90K+ people in the stadium and 700+ million watching worldwide could celebrate ROSALÍA.


Our world-first collaboration between Spotify, FC Barcelona and ROSALÍA caused unprecedented buzz amongst fans across the globe.

After the kit was revealed, searches for “ROSALÍA” and “MOTOMAMI” on Spotify increased by over 100% globally and by nearly 200% in Spain. The story was covered by more than 1,300 media publications in 53 countries, reaching 3.17B+ media impressions. ROSALÍA’s Instagram post revealing the jersey reached 5.3M likes, making it her most-liked piece of content of all time. After the game, streams of ROSALÍA on Spotify climbed around the world: by 220% in Egypt, 170% in Morocco, 70% in Nigeria, 60% in Sweden and India, 55% in Poland, 50% in South Indonesia, the UK, South Korea and Spain. The campaign had 400M+ online reach, with 150M+ social media likes and 200M+ organic video views.

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