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Spotify. Save my summer.

SOKO, Sao Paulo / SPOTIFY / 2024

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Our official briefing was to create a summer campaign for Spotify targeting Gen Zers (aged 18-24, with a halo effect on the younger demographic, aged 13-17) and their specific characteristics.

We delved into an unexpected scenario: rather than being happier, Gen Zers tend to experience more stress during this period. The Brazilian summer is surrounded by chaotic situations, which can worsen people's moods.

Additionally, it's the time for national Summer Vacations, but not everyone is traveling around — thus, we often have an audience burdened by boredom. Our campaign aimed to reinforce Spotify's leadership and coolness among the public, while also providing some form of relief for these underlying feelings. As a result, we developed a national campaign, present in both digital and offline media.


The campaign's creative idea revolves around transforming the obstacles of the Brazilian summer into opportunities for connection and comfort. Using Spotify as the catalyst, the campaign employs digital craftsmanship to create visually compelling experiences tailored to Gen Z. Dynamic visuals and animated characters, all infused with vibrant colors and energetic motion, depict the challenges of summer.

The motif of floats symbolizes both enjoyment and rescue, illustrating Spotify's role in alleviating the season’s chaos. Inspired by popular music genres like trap, funk, and pop, the campaign resonates with Gen Z's cultural preferences. Notably, Spotify playlists play a pivotal role in enhancing the summer experience, providing curated music tailored to individual tastes.

Ultimately, the campaign aims to position Spotify as a source of relief and joy during the Brazilian summer, fostering deeper engagement and brand affinity among Gen Zers.


The strategic architecture of “Spotify. Save my Summer” blends data-driven insights with a profound understanding of Gen Z dynamics in Brazil's dynamic summer realm. Through careful data collection, the campaign targeted Gen Z, known for its digital prowess and music-centric lifestyle. Leveraging platforms like Instagram and TikTok, tailored content was disseminated to resonate with Gen Z's digital landscape.

Strategic collaborations with influencers added authenticity, amplifying the campaign's reach and credibility. By enlisting influencers as brand advocates, the campaign forged genuine connections, enriching the narrative and enhancing its impact during the summer.

This strategic alignment of data precision, platform relevance, and influencer partnerships fortified Spotify's position as a pivotal ally in Brazil's scorching summer, resonating deeply with the discerning Gen Z demographic. Additionally, Spotify's user-friendly app, which doesn't confine users to their screens, allows them to enjoy their favorite music and elevate every moment.


In executing the 'Spotify. Save my summer' campaign, meticulous attention was given to design craft, ensuring seamless integration of resonant elements. The implementation process involved careful planning, from conceptualizing float characters to producing films, all contributing to a cohesive narrative.

Our campaign constructed a world of floats, symbolizing joy and rescue, inspired by Gen Z's fashion and culture. Each character, from the sun to backpacks, and even shrimps, represents the many aspects of Brazilian summer. These float characters are deflated at first, coming to life with music.

Strategically positioned across social media, public transit stations, and other touchpoints, including 418 faces of OOH, our campaign gained maximum exposure among Gen Z on a national scale.

The launch of the first film, focusing on mental wellness, took place on January 15th, followed by the one focusing on house parties on January 30th. Additionally, we orchestrated an X Timeline Takeover on January 15th and TikTok Top Views on both January 18th and 19th, ensuring a strong presence across social media platforms. The campaign continued with various social media materials and concluded on March 19th. Every design choice was in harmony with Spotify's brand identity, resonating authentically with our audience.

Through touchpoints like curated playlists at public transit stations and engaging social media content, constant interaction with the campaign was ensured.


The "Spotify. Save My Summer" campaign yielded remarkable results:

- Over 2.3 million engagements across various platforms, highlighting genuine brand connection.

- According to IMO Research, 67% of respondents reported enhanced summer enjoyment with Spotify.

- 78% acknowledged Spotify's support for mental well-being, echoing sentiments of relief from daily stress.

- Top of Mind survey respondents witnessed a 14% growth, reaching an impressive TOM of 79%.

Brand authenticity recognition surged by 15%.

- A notable 24% growth in brand preference among both campaign viewers and non-viewers, indicating increased appeal and relevance.

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