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Sprite #RefreshingLikeThat

WUNDERMAN AQUA, Johannesburg / COCA-COLA / 2016

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We targeted a dilapidated wall in downtown Johannesburg, as well as an aggressive hip hop track - and refreshed them both - making a video of the "making of" of the wall, and a music video of the refreshed music track - to be hosted on mobile social platforms.

A QR code and bitly address stencilled onto the pavement at the wall could be scanned on mobile phones, and then directed consumers to the "making of" video of the wall, and, in turn, consumers watching the graffiti video on our social media were fed the refreshed music video, creating a seamless mobile brand experience - sharing the full campaign content.

People who Shazamed the song were also directed to the music video, and in turn served the graffiti content on their mobile phones.


The campaign started with our brief to graffiti artist Mars to refresh a dilapidated wall in downtown Johannesburg. We made a video of the process from start to finish, which we posted on our social media platforms. We created a bitly address and QR code which we applied to the pavement at the site so that consumers there could access the video on their mobile phones. At the same time, we briefed South African hip-hop star to refresh an aggressive hip-hop track, and we made a music video of the refreshed track. While our target market were on our platforms watching our graffiti video, we also served them the refreshed music video.

To drive additional mobile mobile users to our content, we created a tag of the graffiti wall on google maps; we also activated the music video through Shazam, directing consumers to our music video.


The campaign reached our target market on the ground at the graffiti wall itself then created a seamless mobile brand experience activating our target market's passion points.

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