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Today, 60% of parents say their child's self-fulfillment is a priority, even before academic success*, but they have never been so stressed about results.

And we all know that bad school grades are undoubtedly THE topic of contention between children and parents.

The good news is that Acadomia, the leading brand in France of tutoring lessons, has something to offer for them. With its new promise of bringing an average +4pts rise in school grades, they bring more than getting better results at school, they bring peace at home for parents and students when everything seemed desperate.

Our main goal in this campaign was to attract new customers to the brand, and secondly to increase Acadomia share of “love” in the public opinion.

* Barkley « Millennium as New Parents »


Over 350 profiles for all roles were received during the summer. Director Rudi Rosenberg is known for being very demanding when it comes to casting, and always pushes for the best, truest profiles. He extends the field of possibilities enormously, both for professional and amateur casting, especially when it comes to children and young people. He's very keen to offer a fair representation of reality. Here, in the case of Acadomia, family representations. He likes to go off the beaten track, always surprising himself with profiles that have never been seen in advertising before, like the child actors in these films. And it pays off: these children could be yours.


We estimated an impact of more than +94M contacts on target over 4 weeks’ time in TV, segmented TV and VOL platforms. The campaign has been completed by social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

In three weeks already, the campaign had generated tremendous business results for the brand :

+24% brand requests on google*

+85% customer leads*

+22% new customers *

Nevertheless, the campaign also started to shift the perception of Acadomia as an essential player of the education system in France. The brand had observed a rise of +138% in applications for teaching jobs at acadomia (all-time high) and many positive comments on social media platforms.

And finally 90% of Acadomia’s clients report that tensions about school have eased as a result of tutoring.

(*all figures vs. objectives based off September 2022)

(**Acadomia Consumer Lab. Juin 2023)

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