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English is today’s international affairs, technology and research language. Mastering the English language is a sign of openness towards the rest of the world. You may also need it for your personal passions. Despite everything, French teenagers still struggle with it. Especially when it comes to speaking. And their English levels are one of the worst in Europe (25th out of 32 according to the annual index published by EF (English First).

The brief was to promote Acadomia’s new tutoring program as well as redirecting young French people towards the company’s website to sign up.

Acadomia wanted to intercept French teenagers in an innovative way: encourage them to learn English through lessons in order to improve their level so they could later understand without subtitles.


The best place to be noticed by French teenagers lacking English is where their eyes are always focused when watching Hollywood series: the subtitles of their favorite shows.

Lucky for us, the cheap and usually boring Youtube ad banners are perfectly located so they appear just on top of the subtitles of the videos.

So to perfectly intercept these French subtitle-using teenagers, we targeted on Youtube the biggest Hollywood trailers and hacked the subtitles with our message.

A true message in relation with the content of what they are watching, inviting them to drop the subtitles and start taking English lessons.


Young French people often care less about their professional future than their current passions. So, we privileged communicating around their passions.

The target audience was French teenagers between the ages of 12 to 18 years old who watch English videos with French subtitles on Youtube. And of course, who love to watch all the latest trailers of their favorite series.

The approach was to directly intercept them when their eyes are stuck on the subtitles. Impossible to miss the message.

By clicking the banner, these teenagers are redirected to the different offers for private English classes.


The campaign was implemented on Youtube from the 10th of September to the 23rd of September 2018.

More than 10 different ad banners were delivered on the biggest Hollywood series' trailers in English with French subtitles.


1 500 000 impressions had been delivered which led more than 50 000 clicks.

That’s a 35% increase in traffic on Acadomia’s website.

As well as more than 2000 new students enrolled in tutoring classes.

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