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Start Your Impossible_Atita Verghese

DENTSU INC., Tokyo / TOYOTA / 2019

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We identified challengers with diverse issues of mobility, and created a documentary series following their journey to overcome these obstacles.

These challengers are immobile in different ways.

Some have social immobility, and the others have physical immobility.

Atita Verghese tells the story of overcoming social immobility, where she is India’s first female pro skateboarder encouraging girls to engage in sports to raise their self-esteem, challenging gender roles in India.

Gabriel Cuadra Holmann, a Nicaraguan Paralympian, and Ming Yi Lu & Jiang Li Lu, Chinese teens who aspire to be Paralympic snowboarders, both tell the story of overcoming physical immobility.

Together, they celebrate the Freedom of Movement and TOYOTA’s belief that regardless of gender, nationality, age, or physical impairment, when you are free to move, anything is possible.


As a mobility company, Toyota believes that "freedom of movement" is a human right.

We wanted to convey that TOYOTA is committed to provide mobility for all humanity regardless of gender, age, nationality, or physical impairment because it believes when people are free to move, anything is possible.

By telling the stories of humanity’s diverse challenges, ranging from physical immobility to social immobility, and celebrating their will to overcome those challenges, TOYOTA aimed to convey that it is a company that is fully commited to overcoming any obstacle in "human movement", through mobility.


The film was aired on TOYOTA GLOBAL Official Youtube Channel, Facebook and Instagram as well as the placement on the official campaign site


As part of TOYOTA's Olympic and Paralympic "Start Your Impossible" campaign, the campaign reached 18.5 billion media impression worldwide. The three films reached over 6.3 million views on social media alone. In addition to the global outreach, with partnership with local heroes, it generated conversation locally and in respective sport commuinties, as well as raising the TOYOTA's perception as Mobility company.

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