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SAATCHI & SAATCHI LA, Los Angeles / TOYOTA / 2017

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70% of car shoppers convert while at the dealership. 60% of them check the deal on their phone, while there. Knowing this, we Geo-fenced every dealership in the country and serving a highly personalized ad to each customer. Third party data informed us about the customer’s intended competitive model, while geo-fencing allowed us to bring in a location-specific deal. This combined with the nationwide coverage, made the Stealership Project a wholly unique endeavor.


When brought together, the data enabled us to create mobile ads that were precisely targeted in several ways. Because we knew the categories of cars shoppers were researching, our ads featured the most comparable Toyota models. Real-time access to our database of local deals let us feature deals from the closest dealerships. Finally, location data allowed us to geo-fence the ads, displaying them only to car shoppers currently within competing dealerships. The scale was nationwide over 4 weeks.


The campaign resulted in a 44% increase in the qualified action rate, which is even more impressive considering the uphill battle that comes with conquesting so low in the purchase funnel.

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