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Sting, an energy drink, was suffering from an image problem: it was being considered by consumers as a simple "soft drink" and not a beverage that boosts energy. This was hurting sales.

In a dire need to change its image into a top-of-the-line energy drink, Pepsico required an integrated campaign that re-established Sting's positioning.

The objective of the campaign was to make sure that consumers recognize Sting as an energy drink, leading to an increase in sales. A secondary goal of developing social media following was set.


UK boxing legend Amir Khan, considered by many at the time to be at the end of his career after a massive defeat, is invited to the old Mughal city of Lahore in Pakistan. The city is his to train in. The film begins with Khan starting his run at Delhi Gate, which is the entrance to the old, cramped city.

Through the city he runs, using local tools and techniques to help him train. The fusion of his training and the ancient mughal city result in the unconventional training few boxers have ever tried before. He climbs the scaffolding of the 17th century Wazir Khan mosque, jumps over rickshaws, shadow boxes with laundry lines, engages in parkour on the cramped rooftops, wrestles with local "pehelwaans" (wrestlers), and jogs through the narrow lanes to emerge with a crowd at the historic Tower of Pakistan.


Following a short teaser, an online film was launched that marked the beginning of Khan's #StingChallenge. The film showed the boxer training in the old city of Lahore using unconventional means: parkour on the rooftops of this old Mughal city, training with local wrestlers, jumping over rickshaws, shadowboxing with clotheslines. The film ended with a call to action: "Dare to challenge Amir Khan".

Following the video every week a challenge post would be created which called out the digital audience to help train Khan by giving him challenges. The audience came up with incredibly creative challenges using local techniques (such as boxing to the tune of a traditional drum beat) and Khan met them head-on.

Khan performed a total of 6 challenges that were high in demand. The consumer promotion rewarded top 5 winners with tickets to Amir's next fight.

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