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Blow Up is a campaign that has been created to save public property worth millions of taxpayers' money. The Client:, an image bank that is fighting the entry of global giants and established local players.

The idea: To offer free images of public property to protesters with a history of destroying public property.

With a message: burn the images and spare the public property. A website was launched on which images were offered. To popularize the offer virals were emailed and uploaded on Facebook pages of political parties.


1. was created to host free images2. Video Letters – addressing violent protesters were sent out to political parties, directing them to On-Ground Effigies: Protesters held rallies to burn effigies of public property downloaded from instead of actual public property. The first rally was held in Neemka Village on 01.04.2011.

4. NGOs, word-of-mouth, emails, phonecalls were used to contact communities5. Social Media – Facebook page to interact with the communities that want to use the idea in future.6. Exhibition of images from the events, where the main target audience - advertising and other creative communities were invited.7. Panel Discussion – was held between leaders of 3 of the biggest Indian political parties – Congress, BJP and BSP along with senior civil servants and an ex-Army chief.At every stage the campaign was adapted to accommodate requests from various communities for images


Political leaders saw that burning images draws media and government attention, without burning public property. Leaders from two locations known for violent protests burnt images of public property in their demonstrations. Leaders from Mumbai, Goa, and the highly volatile Kashmir are keen to use images in their future protests. 29% increase in clicks on within 1 week of first event. Conversations among creative communities The CEO, Dushyant Mehta on national TV - Doordarshan and other channels. Potentially we saved Rs. 70,00,000 of tax payers’ money. All for the cost of two life-size prints and cocktails for 200 Exhibition guests.At least three imagebanks including Masterfile called saying wish they’d done the idea. Results for Blow Up campaign for - 1. Blow Up facebook *209% incremental active visitors on the page (1st – 4th week of April 2011) *Interaction data 20,481 people (good as per industry standards) 2. Increase of 500% visitors in April 2011 Indiapicture from afaqs banner over the last month. 3. Total recall of Indiapicture increased by 50%. 4. Click Through Ratio of Indiapicture emailer has increased to 15% (against agency standards of 9-10%) in April,'11 from March,'11. 22% CTR Blow Up emailer (considered very good response)

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