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What people are wearing on the streets today is determining the biggest fashion statements of tomorrow. Street fashion and social sentiments are the strongest influencers of future fashion trends. So in order to showcase his capabilities, Watson mapped street fashion trends in Melbourne and across Australia in real-time. We captured thousands of pictures of passers-by in prominent neighbourhoods of Melbourne. Using image recognition, Watson analysed these images and provided insights on the trending colours, patterns and styles of street fashion. Watson also analysed fashion images from social channels across Australia to give insights on the fashion trends across different Australian states.


Watson’s findings were brought to life through infographics This content featured Melbourne street maps made of colourful fabrics, and graphic articles of clothing in the trending colours of the day. These infographics were translated into a branded social campaign on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter on the same day and shared nationwide.


The campaign made IBM Watson top-of-mind with our audience. It created a lot of buzz in social media. People could see popular and trending colours and styles across prominent neighbourhoods in Melbourne. Watson also identified the dominant fashion colours in major cities and states across Australia. As a result, we got a total impression of 1,77,701 on Facebook and 4,69,081 on Twitter along with the total engagement over 15,000, in just a few weeks. More importantly, we got a total impression of 5,77,089 on LinkedIn and total interaction of 3,762. This reflected how we grabbed the attention of potential IT buyers and fashion retailers we were targeting.

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