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Google keeps more people safe online than anyone else in the world, but this work is often invisible to consumers. The six part docuseries brought the experiences of five elite security teams at Google to the foreground to show the depth and breadth of the security work happening behind the scenes.

The series aimed to entice young engineers to consider the ever-evolving cyber security space, as a career path option, to combat the ongoing shortage of security engineers. The accompanying “Capture the Flag” quest engaged viewers to solve complex puzzles using clues hidden in the episodes.

The series also sought to frame Google as a leader in the cybersecurity space and create a tangible resource for policymakers to better understand the efforts taken by Google to protect the internet as a whole.


Hacking Google takes viewers behind the scenes to learn about Google’s security work by telling the never-before-told stories of the people and security teams that keep Google and its users safe.

Using interviews, licensed content, and intricate animation schemes the series created a distinct visual identity that was woven through each of the six episodes.


Our goal was to make this work visible to Google’s billions of users, policymakers and security experts. The series worked in a multi-prong approach to engage specific audiences where it would be the most impactful. The docuseries format allowed the everyday user to tune in for one 15-minute-episode or watch the entire six episode series.

Screenings at a number of policy forums and live panels engaged policymakers and allowed for open dialogue about the topics covered in the film.

The well-established security community was engaged through a “Capture the Flag” quest. Hackers, students, and security professionals were invited to step into the shoes of the elite experts featured in the docuseries - solving coding puzzles, analyzing malware and hacking their way to success. Over the course of the quest launch, the hacker community came together to collectively solve puzzles and drive viewership of the series.


Five elite security teams. Six never-before-told stories. Go behind the scenes with the hacking teams at Google keeping more people safe online than anyone else in the world.


To date, the series has garnered over 10 million views on YouTube (with another 30M+ views of the trailer). All episodes have maintained 95%+ positive sentiment on YouTube, significantly higher than the channel average. The series premiered at The New Yorker Festival, kicking off a series of screenings at policy forums in D.C. and abroad, reaching policymakers and other key opinion formers in the United States, France, Poland, Indonesia, Germany, Brussels, Japan, and more. Additionally, series assets were featured in premium media placements across WIRED, NY Times, the New Yorker, and Reddit, generating a 13ppt lift in perception of Google as a leader in cybersecurity (the main objective of the series).

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