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Summer Rescue Team

LA NIŃIA, Buenos Aires / JEEP / 2018

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There were always lifeguards to rescue tourists who have complications at sea, but there was never a solution for those who have complications in the sand.

During the summer vacation period, Jeep created an activation called: Guardians of the Sand

A lifeguard service prepared to solve a problem that appears year after year in the dunes. Thousands of drivers seek to have an off-road experience on this difficult terrain, but because they do not have the right vehicle or the expertise, they end up stuck in the sand without being able to move forward.The embedded, could call The Guardians of the Arena by a direct line, or send their geo location to be rescued for free.After being released they were invited to classes to learn how to drive off road and live a test drive, discovering the attributes of the Jeep models.


We arranged 2 NEW WRANGLER JL 2018, 2 NEW COMPASS 2018, 2 pilots per unit and a patrol service schedule from 10 am to 7 pm. A telephone rescue line and enable Whatsapp. The rest done.


5.7 million visitors during the high season on the Argentine coast.


1200 Rescues

3000 Assistances

The Test Drive and Jeep Park Crossings were exhausted. The rescued and the participants of the courses sharing it in their networks.

Displays: 221.505

Likes: 14,348

Comments: 276

Shares: 722

The press highlighted the support provided by Jeep to other brands, the invitation to technical talks on off-road handling, and the free service in a public space, helping to solve a problem discussed; the risks of accidents that occur year after year.

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