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Synesthetic - Cross Senses

BETC, Sao Paulo / PEUGEOT / 2017

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To explain something as abstract as a sensation, we decided to create an experiment using people that feel things differently: synesthetics.

Only 4% of people in the planet have the gift of synesthesia, when one sense activates another. In partnership with Discovery Channel we made a documentary project: finding 5 synesthetic with different abilities and inviting them to drive the Peugeot 2008. To translate their emotions, 5 artists created exclusive pieces, based on the synesthetics' experience. What if driving had a color, a aroma, a texture, a sound, a taste? That’s exactly what we found out in five episodes of 2'minutes for Facebook and Youtube, and a full 1 hour Documentary that was featured 5 times in the channel’s grid, including prime time.


The first challenge was to find and cast the synesthetics. After all, they are only 4% of the population.We needed five synesthetics with different talents, one for each sense.

More than 60 were interviewed in the process. To match them, we searched for 5 artists in areas connected to these senses. The production was detailed, including neurologists, psychologists, medical equipment and tests such as MRIs, and a safe course where they could perform a test drive without interference.

The first trailer was released in November, followed by the web-episodes on Facebook.

The campaign culminated on the release of the hour long documentary in December, that was exhibited 5 times and included in all Discovery Properties such as website and Facebook Page, and even in one of the biggest On Demand Platforms in Brazil. All campaign materials followed the identity of the project: website, Peugeot stores, banners and more.


The project had a total of 13 millions views on Peugeot’s Facebook and Youtube, and 36 million impacts on TV and Discovery Platforms. The campaign generated a 6% increase in brand recall. The content generated a lot of curiosity both about the car and synaesthesia. According to Nielsen Brand Effect/Facebook Brand Lift, the searches for Peugeot Brand on Youtube increased in 57%. The searches about synaesthesia increased in a surprising 1.234%.

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