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NBS, Rio De Janeiro / ATADOS / 2017

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We discovered a simple, creative and never used before solution to be implemented by websites wanting to help NGO’s increase their reach attracting the audience's native attention. We developed a new and non-traditional media format; donating the website’s tab while it’s idle. Few people know, but website tabs and favicons can be dynamically customized.

When users switch to a new tab while browsing the publisher’s website, the message and icon on the previous tab changes. This catches their attention and when they click on the tab to return to the publisher’s website, a message appears on the top of the page inviting them to go to the website of the sponsored NGO.

At Tabs for Good, any publisher can choose a cause to support. Then, by copying and pasting a simple code on their website, they donate this space and increase the NGO’s reach.


We developed a javascript code that changes a website’s tab title and favicon to an NGO’s support message once the user switches to another tab. When they return to the original tab, we display a non-invasive message inviting them to visit the NGO’s website. Our code is simple and anyone with access to their website’s HTML can implement it. Most importantly, it does not impact the site rank in search engines. In addition, the code was developed to be customizable allowing the publisher to choose which NGO to support. Finally, we built an online platform, in two different languages (portuguese and english), in partnership with Atados where anyone can choose which NGO to support, and generate a code to insert in their website. This technology can be used by any person, institution or brand who wants to donate a non-commercial space to an NGO that needs more visibility.


Where most see just a website tab, we saw a media opportunity. In only 15 days, the action generated 19.2 million impacts through more than 20 engaged publishers. The number of visits to the NGO websites were increased by more than 1000% with the traffic generated by the publishers who joined the project. Most notably, with a simple, impacting and never-before-used solution, we improved the visibility of organizations that really need to be seen.

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