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Taco Bell recently disrupted the category by breaking into a new meal occasion, rounding out their menu offerings from Breakfast to Late Night and creating a new opportunity to drive in-store visits, product innovation and food offerings.

Taco Bell had 3 business objectives:

1. Drive awareness of their Breakfast menu as Taco Bell’s newest meal offering

2. Drive in-store traffic and repeat visits among Millennials (adults 18-34)

3. Strategically create and sustain a media mix that entices and appeals to Millennials

Millennials make up 42% of the music platform’s overall digital audience, so Taco Bell felt confident that this was the right media partner to deliver a quality and highly engaged Millennial audience at scale. And, with 75% of Millennial listening hours happening on smartphones, Taco Bell’s message would be delivered exactly where the audience is spending time—on mobile.


Taco Bell was advised to employ these strategic media solutions:

1. Mobile interstitial

2. Display, audio and video

3. Native engagement-based solution

Taco Bell enacted a mobile-first strategy to reach the always connected Millennial audience and deliver a quality experience where they spend the majority of their time – on smartphones.

Taco Bell’s Breakfast Defectors campaign launched with Welcome Mobile Interstitial, Mobile Audio, Mobile Display, and Auto-Play Video. Audio grabs the listener’s attention with a rallying call to join the “Breakfast Defector” movement by claiming a free Sausage Biscuit Taco at their nearest Taco Bell location. The visuals and video reinforce the campaign message to create strong appetite appeal.


“Breakfast Defectors” campaign was effective in raising brand awareness and message association. Millward Brown Digital confirmed positive results:

+28% lift in message association against the “Breakfast Defector” tagline

+16% lift in product association when asked which QSR offers the “biscuit taco” ?

Exposed respondents were +26% more aware of the biscuit taco than unexposed

Additionally, the campaign was effective in driving in-store traffic and repeat visits with the Millennial audience. A subsequent study by Placed Attribution, the leader in location analytics, confirmed that listeners exposed to the campaign were:

15% more likely to visit Taco Bell

1in 7 exposed listeners who visited Taco Bell returned within 10 days

Taco Bell’s strong campaign performance exhibits a best-in-class example of how attention-based media solutions effectively reach a quality audience at scale. Taco Bell successfully captured audience attention and engaged with them in a relevant environment aligned with the passion point

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