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Australia is defined by its unique way of life - there is nothing we love more than spending time with friends and family under the Australian sun, or as XXXX Gold like to call it Take in the gold.

Australia’s number one beer brand is in decline. Brand image is to blame.

Objective: XXXX Gold is on a mission to change its dated, blokey appearance after losing market share to new entrants. A leading indicator of these sales declines was a steady drop in the research question ‘A beer for people like me’. It was our task to arrest the rapid decline.

Brief: Appeal to today’s modern drinker by inspiring them to get together with loved ones, experience more during the best moments in life and create gold memories. That’s what XXXX GOLD offers – the opportunity to savour every great moment and draw every ounce of Gold out of


The Take in the Gold Initiatives are an ongoing series, to date we have manufactured 3 initiatives with more rolling out. The activity has taken place in regional Australia to deliver deep entertaining experiences to few with content films capturing stories and delivering smiles to the many.

Each initiative is concepted, designed, scaled and delivered by Octagon.

Prawns Outack, we delivered the surprise of half a ton of fresh prawns from Queensland coast to Eromanga in the Quilpie Shire just days before Christmas. The refrigerated truck made the 2 day journey, stopping in Chinchilla, Roma and Quilpie sharing the XXXX Gold story along the way. XXXXpress Chopper initiative we coordinated 5 Choppers in 5 Australian States to transport winners. The June Long Weekend we set up the XXXX Gold Beach, working closely with the Council of Wadonga to ensure locals were treated to warmth in the heart of Aussie winter.

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