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Tapping into the Tipping Point with Lipton Ice Tea

PHD, Sydney / UNILEVER / 2017

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Summer is a key battleground for all beverage brands.

Major players like Coke and Pepsi have spent millions of dollars over many years to establish a strong association with the Aussie summer.

This presented a massive challenge for Lipton Ice tea.

With comparative low awareness and 5% SOV, Lipton had to find a way to stand up against these summer soft drink giants.

Our challenge was brutally simple:

Find a way to get disproportionate share of mind across the summer months and ultimately drive sales growth.

All this on a budget 85% smaller than Coca-Colas and in category that had been flat over the last few years.

We needed a way of standing out.


We flighted our TV and OOH activity to appear in weeks that historically hit our tipping point.

We integrated Lipton’s brand assets into Summer’s hottest outdoor sporting environment - the “Big Bash” cricket. Billboards and TV spots were upweighted in the weeks where the Tipping Point was likely to be hit.

We partnered with Storyful, who algorithmically identified trending user-generated content of people sharing elaborate and interesting ways to stay cool. We branded this content, and in a global media first, it was activated across YouTube and Snapchat when our refreshment tipping point was hit.

Other digital ads were reactive – programmatically switching on whenever temperatures were high enough. A WeatherZone app integration allowed us to dynamically change each message based on the actual temperature of a given moment. Across a Sydney heatwave weekend, we created a real-time Snapchat lens that showed your face boiling hot and then cooling.

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