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CARAT, Bangalore / INTEL / 2024

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The campaign is centered around a Generative AI led Conversational Marketing Bot, that innovatively crafts responses to the complexities consumers face when deciphering technical details of products like laptops. Recognizing the daunting nature of tech purchases, the campaign utilized this AI technology across Times Internet's vast platforms to foster deeper, more meaningful engagements with consumers. Despite the time consuming need to train the AI powered chat bot, the campaign was meticulously planned, developed, and executed in time for India’s festive shopping season. With a budget of $ 50,000, The integration of this cutting-edge technology was aimed at enhancing the shopper journey by answering the consumer’s key questions, providing clarity right in the moment.


Intel EVO is a certification and not a hardware, however audiences often mix up the two and end up with little clarity on the product itself. And therefore, EVO ads often elicit questions in the consumers’ minds. Designed to demystify Intel Evo’s certification for consumers, this campaign revolutionized the traditional approach to tech advertising. The innovation lay in embedding a responsive AI chatbot within the digital ads, transforming passive ad units into interactive, informative conversations upon clicking. Central to Intel's strategy, this was not just about showcasing products but about enriching consumer understanding and responding swiftly to their queries. Simple static ads on publisher websites, targeted to in-market shoppers expanded to an interactive-AI chat, when clicked on. This dynamic and interactive strategy represented a significant leap in addressing industry challenges and setting new benchmarks in consumer engagement and brand interaction.


The campaign set high expectations for redefining consumer engagement in digital advertising. The outcomes were remarkable: over 10 million impressions, 5.5 million consumers reached, 100,000 clicks, and 9,500 chat interactions. The long-term outcomes point towards a sustained impact on how brands leverage AI for marketing. The scalability of this technology is substantial, applicable across various industries and platforms. The success of the campaign, evident in its impressive metrics, also lay in the pivotal learnings for the brand in the form of questions posed to the bot by the consumer. These questions threw light on crucial consumer insights during the research phase, which have thus helped Intel to craft their future communications.


The campaign hinged on advanced Generative AI technology. This AI bot was designed to be highly responsive, capable of understanding and engaging in human-like conversations with users. The bot operated on a complex algorithm that processed user queries in real-time, delivering personalized responses and product information. Integrated across Times Internet's platforms, this bot was a central feature in digital advertisements for Intel's products.

The technology was developed through a collaborative effort, involving significant stages of prototyping, testing, and refinement. Its components included natural language processing capabilities, machine learning algorithms to improve response accuracy over time, and a user-friendly interface for seamless consumer interaction. The bot was hosted on cloud servers, ensuring high availability and scalability to handle large volumes of interactions simultaneously. This innovative use of AI technology represented a significant development in the digital marketing sphere, offering a new way for brands to interact with their audience.

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