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OGILVY NEW YORK, New York / IBM / 2015

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Branded entertainment is ubiquitous in the United States. So to stand out, we knew we had to do more than attach our client’s name to a piece of content. We had to do something truly unique that only our client could do.


IBM tracks all the data at the US Open. With musician James Murphy, we built an algorithm that translated data like scores and stats into song characteristics like pitch and tempo. So all 187 matches produced their own soundtracks—in real time. It was all generated and played live on a fully responsive mobile experience that was both a music visualizer and a score tracker. James took his 12 favorite matches and remixed them on an album that got positive reviews from Rolling Stone and other music publications. Not bad for music written by a computer program.


The posters are now on permanent display at Astor Place in NYC – IBM Watson’s new home and headquarters of the future of cognitive technology. They have also been posted social channels including “IBMblr” (Tumblr), Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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