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OGILVY WEST, Culver City / CISCO / 2011






It’s not every day you get an assignment like this.

We weren’t selling a product, a new service, or some kind of gadget you don’t really need. We were introducing a whole new way of being together.... through the magic of video.

It’s not about being “connected”. This new world is about true connection. Real presence. The kind that can only happen when I can see you and you can see me.

Cisco, the company whose intelligent and secure network makes social networks and the human network possible, was about to make things even more human with video. Our job was to show the world what that will look like – and how video will change everything by bringing us all closer together.


We launched a TV campaign that revealed unique situations where video technologies can inspire, educate and bring people closer together than ever before.

This was supported by a custom website featuring videos with “Togetherists,” technology luminaries, entrepreneurs and academics, discussing the power and pervasiveness of video across different industries. Among the innovators we spoke with were Flickr’s co-founder, Caterina Fake, as well as theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku.


Since its launch on September 23rd, the site has attracted over half a million visitors.

Word continues to spread across social networks as people share and forward videos and comments, adding new meaning to what being together is all about.

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