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Tender Words

INGO, Stockholm / MILKA / 2021

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Whether it's politics, music, social media, or just conversation, the way we communicate with each other is becoming increasingly harsh. Hate speech and abusive language has become a normal part of our day-to-day vocabulary.

So how can Milka enter culture in every country across Europe and put their product at the center of the conversation?

We needed to be the talking point across 27 different countries to share our message that tenderness is better.


For the first time in Milka’s 120-year history, we turned our iconic Alpine milk chocolate bar into a tool for expressing empathy by adding tender words and emojis on the squares. People could now share not only tender-tasting chocolate, but also – their own tender messages with each other, in real life and digitally.

We encouraged people to change their own messages and share some tenderness, because if 2020 showed us anything, it’s that even small gestures can have a big impact. So we actively involved our audience to further spread the message, from one on one, to sharing it all over their social media platforms.

Milka produced 50 million Tender Words bars in 4 languages for 27 markets around Europe. To activate the new product an integrated campaign was launched, including Out-of-home, TV, as well as ad placements on social media, YouTube, Giphy, and Tenor.


Our target audience was broad enough to speak to all chocolate consumers across 27 countries in Europe, over 4 languages, we used localized offices to customize messages that carried human truths.


This new product was launched across all markets simultaneously to create momentum and scale. It was supported by in-store point of sale, out of home, TV, real time responses to social media messaging and a PR push by influencers.


Milka produced 50 million Tender Words bars in 4 languages for 27 markets around Europe.

- 18% sales lift

- +9 Positive Brand Sentiment (Germany)

- 514 million total impressions

- Sold out in Netherlands, Hungary, and Austria.

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