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CARAT, New York / PROCTER & GAMBLE / 2013


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Olympics provided a mass-reach platform, but the "Thank You Mom" launch occurred on Mother’s Day (100 days out) with the ‘Best Job’ video in Digital & Social Media, boosted later with TV.

The ‘Raising an Olympian’ content series then delivered on the insight that Moms craved athletes' back-stories. We distributed across Social, Digital, Mobile and TV, driving people back to P&G’s Facebook page to like, share and discover new content.

Within all media, the placements of P&G and its 34 Brands were carefully coordinated to create the corporate "linkage" that would define our success.

As the Olympics Games arrived, a new 'Kids' :60 video launched during the Opening Ceremony as the Americans entered the arena. Brands' spot placements within NBC's Olympics telecasts were managed live to ensure P&G appeared in the events their sponsored athletes were participating in. Content now drove to #Thankyoumom on Twitter, creating real time conversation.


Most successful campaign in P&G’s 175 year history.

Delivered +$200 million incremental sales (USA) on the back of record-setting P&G ROI results.

17 Million views on YouTube.

Most shared videos of the Olympics Games by a large margin.

33.6 Billion Earned media impressions.

Exposure to to the campaign increased P&G familiarity by 22%, favorability by 13% and trust by 10% in just 100 days.

Brand recall of P&G ads were +38% higher than any other Olympic sponsor in the US.

Social media buzz for our 3 largest brands increased an average of +66% during the Olympics.

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