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How do we recruit SA men to not only be aware of their actions, but to take steps that will change their behavior?


Propose an emotive campaign plan which will drive South African men to publicly acknowledge the reality of intimate partner violence against women and move them into taking action.


1. Awareness

2. Engagement

3. Amplification

4. Inspire Action by men

5. Increase positive associations of the brand

The annual Carling Cup is the biggest soccer event in the South African calendar. Attended by over 80,000 fans and millions more watching from home, it is the most important 90 minutes of the year. We wanted to create the biggest impact by owning the first 63 seconds of that 90minute period, and send a clear message to those watching – A WOMAN IS A VICTIM OF GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE EVERY 63 SECONDS. STOP THE CLOCK


The carling black label Champions For Change course gives men valuable tools for personal growth to help cultivate healthy relationships. But most men always have an excuse for not signing up. They feel that the Champions For Change course doesn’t relate to them, they don’t have time to do it, or it’s just too long. There's always an excuse. However, the need for men to take the course is greater than ever.

Because in South Africa, according to South African Police report, a woman is a victim of gender-based violence every 63 seconds.


Our primary audience are High Intensity Seekers (predominantly male, younger in age {18 to 34}, work full time and earn within the low to mid income bracket).

Our secondary target audience are South African men in general.

Our media strategy was led by three Key Phases:

· Launch Phase - Execute a thought-provoking stunt which will cause SA men to pause, reflect & rethink what they know about GBV.

Channels – Carling Knockout Final

· Engagement Phase - Get SA men to engage with our stunt and our comms, drive conversation and buzz via social channels.

Channels – Radio, Social Media

· Amplification - Drive amplification at scale via Above-The-Line channels, media/pr partners, corporates and other NGO’s who are aligned with our message.

Channels – Radio, TV, Social Media, PR, Partnerships with entities such as the South African Premier Soccer League, the United Nations, and the Spar Supermarket Group.


In a 2024 survey by South African Police, it was reported that a woman is abused every 63 seconds. We needed to get men’s attention about the statistics and Carling Black Label’s online course where men could learn how to help stop women abuse. We hijacked one of South Africa’s biggest media opportunities and the one place to get the attention of millions of men. The Carling Cup is the biggest soccer event in the South African calendar and the most talked about 90 minutes with over 80 000 in fan attendance and millions watching from home. This year, when the match started, something unexpected happened, 63 seconds in, the ref blew the whistle to stop the clock bringing attention to this shocking statistic. Players, commentators, fans and viewers at home were shocked. And men were driven to the Champions For Change online course they could make a difference.


44 Million South Africans could hear our message

R14 Million in earned conversation was generated

A 96% increase in course sign-ups during the campaign

A 17% increase in men standing up against gender-based-violence

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