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DNB is Norway's largest bank, but their added role as an insurance company is lesser known. Despite being rated the number one insurer for cats and dogs, the sales did not match up.


Increase sales by making DNB animal insurance more well-known for all animal owners in Norway


Increase sales by +400%


In a critical situation concerning someone you love, it's easy to panic. You want to get them help as soon as possible, and that's why every country in the world has made calling for help incredibly easy and quick. A three digit official emergency number that everyone can remember and call 24/7 for immediate help.

But there is one family member who doesn't have a number like that - your pet. There are numbers to call, but they vary based on location and opening hours, and they're impossible to remember by heart.

To give all animals the protection they needed the most, DNB set out to establish a national emergency number for animals.


The goal of the campaign was reaching all pet owners across Norway, and while the ages/sexes/demographics varied - they all shared one common trait: their love for their pets. All animal owners are dedicated and engaged with their pets and especially their well-being.

Our survey showed that 9 out of 10 Norwegians had no idea what number to call if their pet was in urgent need of help, and by calling out for a national emergency number, the campaign sparked a national discussion. DNB was even invited to a televised debate to discuss the need for a national emergency number for animals.

By choosing to channel the strategy towards advocating and fighting for an important issue for the target market, putting our hard-sell strategy aside and focusing on the general well-being of all animals, we were able to reach and engage a much wider audience than a traditional insurance campaign.


Through a large-scale fully integrated campaign, DNB called out for an official national emergency number for animals. We launched with a national TVC, and followed up immediately with a nationwide petition that the animals themselves could sign. The media strategy ranged from traditional channels like TVC and online films to more inventive channels like roadshow petition events, a public televised political debate, start numbers on dog runs, tennis balls, snapchat filters, instagram stories and more. Over a 5 week period, we engaged animals owners (and a few more) in every platform possible.

We also went beyond advertising media channels and made a more important one of our own: DNB created a fully operational emergency number for animals, basing it on the same setup as the police emergency number where you based on your location and time, will connect to the closest veterinary clinic.


+1455% sales increase

2.1 million organic impressions

1.4 million social interactions

8704 pets signed the petition and got their paw in our protocol

The petition protocol was handed over to a representative from the Justice Committee

Over 1400 animal owners have gotten the help they needed through our emergency number

The national emergency number we created is still active and being used to this day

The call for an official 3-digit emergency for animals is as of now under discussion at the Justice Committee

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