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Orangina Miss O! is positioned as a rebel brand that wishes to give back power to its consumers.

Accordingly, when the whole world and French media sphere was talking football Orangina Miss O! has noticed that the vast majority of French does not care about football and despite facing its media overexposure. As a response and to serve the vast, but yet silent majority, Miss O! released a video to expose French women and men with a new weapon that allows them to switch off any football game in total secrecy: introducing the anti-foot can. 5 000 anti foot cans, weapon of mass disturbance, where offered online and distributed on the streets to whoever wanted to join the fight.

To make people know and talk about the can no classical media have been activated but only anti and pro football opinion leaders, through social networks and PR activations.


The day of the French national team first game in the competition, seconds after the released of the video, first key opinion leaders, anti and pro football, were touched and commented, retweeted, shared the soon to be famous video:

Phase 1 – Teasing – June 9th to 15th

Sourcing of dissatisfied people on social network and interactions with them

Teasing to main opinion leaders

Phase 2 – Reveal & Amplification – June 16th to 19th

Launch of the video case on social network

War room & CM during every single game to bounce back on comments

Launch of contest to win the can

PR Kits

POS activations

Phase 4 – Going – From June 17th to July 19th

War room & CM during every single game to bounce back on comments

Reward to main Ambassadors


Ø 20 000 anti-foot can were claimed on day one on the brand social networks.

Ø+15% sales in volume

Ø18 000 mentions on Twitter

Ø Perez Hilton, a very famous bloger and the most influent one in the US with 6 millions of followers, tweeted twice about the Anti Foot Can.

Ø The brand Miss O ! mentionned in 75,4% of the tweets (while the brand awareness was very low at the time when the campaign was aired).

Ø325 online, press and TV releases (LCI, BFM, L’EQUIPE), Radios (RMC, RTL, EUROPE 1, FRANCE INTER), national online papers (LE MONDE, LE FIGARO) Ø The AntiFoot Can campaign generated more than 430 000 euros in earned media thanks to the numerous PR releases

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