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Oscar Mayer needed to earn big attention for its delicious bacon and increase sales during the competitive end of year season. We realized that although everyone loves bacon and believes it makes everything better, it had been primarily advertised as a side to breakfast. At Oscar Mayer, we know that bacon can pair well with…well.. everything. Our initiative targeted Gen Pop, with a specific focus on attention driving/high impact presence in NYC and Chicago.


People love bacon…for breakfast. But Oscar Mayer knows bacon makes everything better, no matter the time of day. So how could a brand that knows a little something about turning products into icons, make their bacon famous all day long? By offering people a side of bacon...with everything.

Where competition might team up with more expected partners and show bacon on its own or as a side to breakfast, we showed up in the most surprising (non-food) contexts, and partnered with the most surprising (non-food) partners - from tattoos to plants to waxes to electronics to your mobile plan - we gave people the opportunity to add a side of bacon to literally everything.

With our “wonderfully odd” sensibility and in true “Keep it Oscar” fashion, we had permission to break outside of category norms to show that our delicious bacon could make literally anything better.


Our core audience, Multicultural Millennials, inspired us with their use of bacon in all kinds of foods. They clearly manifest the idea that bacon makes everything better - so expanding on this truth would resonate not only with them but also the broader bacon-eating community - (almost everyone.) Our effort was intentionally broader - targeted Gen Pop.

In proving that a side of bacon can truly go with everything, we set out to partner with brands and products you’d never expect bacon to go with. Plants with a side of bacon? Vintage clothes with a side of bacon? Cars with a side of bacon? Yep, everything. We intentionally chose partners in key markets like NYC where we had high impact OOH to create a true 360 experience for consumers. These partners included both local, specialty shops (Tula’s plant shop) as well as larger national retailers (Mint Mobile, Amazon).


In a two week campaign period, we were able to add a side of bacon to literally…everything. We partnered with a range of local and national businesses (Mint Mobile, European Wax Center, Sadderday, and more) so consumers could get a side of bacon via on-site sampling and scannable QR codes. We partnered with lifestyle and meme creators (like Maddy Mitchell and MiddleClassFancy) to bring a side of bacon to the most surprising contexts. What’s more, on Amazon consumers could get a side of bacon with any purchase and, we even hijacked huge outdoor media, releasing contextually targeted OOH to pharmacies, hotels, Time Square (you name it, it comes with a side of bacon).


Drove category and Oscar Mayer bacon sales during campaign

Oscar Mayer bacon +20% vs P4W, with disproportional growth in key focus markets for the campaign, NY (+38%) and CHI (+49%)

Oscar Mayer Market Share

+4.6% Total US MS, with disproportional growth in key markets for the campaign. CHI +19.5%, NY +13%

Brought new buyers to the brand.

+8.3% new buyers vs past period, disproportional growth in NY +23.7% new buyers vs past period

Sparked consumer interest online.

+62% increase in search frequency rank of the “bacon” keyword on during campaign flight.

+8K visits to custom Amazon store in 10 days which drove ~200 sides of bacon being added to Amazon purchases aka everything.

Drove sales of partner products.

+3K Mint Mobile redemptions for a side of bacon.

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