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WMcCANN, Sao Paulo / ABINBEV / 2021

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In the past few years, there's been a resurge in astrology among Gen Z and millennials, and it's enjoying a cultural acceptance that hasn't been seen since the 1970s. A lot of young Brazilians don't leave their homes without reading or watching their horoscopes nowadays.

At the same time, youngsters are connecting less and less to alcoholic brands. They're searching for something more than just the liquid. They want something that creates bonds, presents an idea, or a new universe.

We created a product and campaign that, along with its concept and influencers, started the conversation with content they are searching for, encouraging trial and presenting the product more like a game or a story than just a new drink.


We transformed our social networks into a source of daily Zodiac content mixed with flirting and night-out situations that talked directly with the moment of our fans.

With the help of the influencers led by Anitta - the Brazilian brightest pop star - we caused impact and presented that there's a Beats Zodiac that matches your star sign personality. Along with the daily horoscope for the night-out, they started creating content and opening the conversation about how the Zodiac influences you on the night out. Then, in a world where young people get tired too fast of everything, we presented the idea of mix and matching star signs with an astrologer show to guide them through more than 100 possible combinations of Beats Zodiac and star signs. It's a fun way of discovering the flavors of other star signs and trying the combination with your own sign, no strings attached.


Nowadays, astrology became a hit among our youngsters (18-30) who enjoy the "rolê" (all sorts of things about enjoying life: like parties, being with friends, traveling, and more get-together situations). Many young Brazilians don't even leave home before checking their horoscope - and Instagram - of course. We transformed our social networks into a platform where they could find all this universe tailor-made for

them. A place where they could discover astrological entertainment, discuss their sign's personality, and even meet new people and even flirt, especially in a world of closed clubs and bars.


We introduced Beats Zodiac with a warm-up strategy on Anitta's social networks that turned the Brazilian pop star into an "astrology addicted lady." It evolved to a launch where we teased fans about discovering who'd be their sings ambassador, generating buzz in local media and our fan's channels.

We used 12 artists to spread the message in as many touchpoints as possible. They all posted their sign's film on their social channels at launch and produced content about their signs' personality on the night-out. After revealing all the 12 Beats Zodiacs, we began mixing them, turning all our content and actions to encourage experimentation and trial.

We launched an InstagramTV show with a professional astrologer-influencer that guided the mix&match following "astrologically approved combinations." We even put our fans to mix&match their stars signs on zoom calls transformed into speed dates helping them flirt and meet new people without leaving



It was a selling success. Youngsters wanted to be part of the conversation and taste its own star sign and, of course, their crush's one.

The Zodiac launch resulted in the all-time high innovation weight (60%) in Beats' Volume since the brand was born. The campaign had a reach of 33.6MM with a health of 98% and 38% positivity rate on digital discussions (a positive result compared to historical analysis of other brand initiatives).

We brought interest in the brand and created a whole new universe highlighted in the PR coverage by Brazil. On Google Trends, from November 1st to December 31st, "Beats" jumped from 32 points of interest to 83 and "Skol" to 100 points making it the Beats Innovation with the best profitability in the brand's history and a grew of +110% in Volume and +114% in Net Revenue in Q4 (Zodiac launch).

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