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The Art of Besting Cancer

HOOLIGANS, Tel Aviv / MSD / 2019

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There are 400 leading Israeli oncologists, all super-busy and highly sought-after by 9 pharma companies. Adding Israeli governance regulations – getting their attention & standing out in traditional methods is nearly impossible.

Additionally, oncologists deal with great emotional overload (loneliness, loss and grief) – and thus high burnout rates.


In order to reignite oncologists' passion, we decided to emphasize the beauty of what they're used to seeing as gloomy.

'The Art of Besting Cancer' is a unique exhibition, created from authentic oncological materials - curated for a year, and artistically twisted into 4 exhibits that represent the journey of cancer treatment.

Exhibit 1: Diagnosis

Immunohistochemistry stained cancer cells, that after effective treatment would no longer exist - framed and presented as memorial portraits.

Exhibit 2: Imaging

Statues of two classical icons with 3D projections of lung and breast tumors,

highlighting the contrast between healthy-looking bodies that hide an invisible disease.

Exhibit 3: Treatment

A cutting-edge video showing immune cells eliminating cancer cells – surrounded by historical wars. Highlighting the oncologists as war heroes.

Exhibit 4: Surgery

Specimen jars become colorful pixels, spelling HOPE. Each jar contains an artifact of a patient whose life was prolonged by surgery.

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