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The Artois Probability

GUT, Buenos Aires / STELLA ARTOIS / 2024

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Stella Artois is facing one of its biggest challenges in a long time. Its heritage stands in the way of creating a deeper connection with younger generations, who see it as a brand for older people. We needed to turn our history from a problem into an asset, making it valuable beyond the numbers.

The phrase "Born in 1366" merely adorned the bottle, devoid of meaningful significance and thus failing to resonate. We needed something that would help us turn numbers into a compelling narrative, and we found it in visual art, a medium widely associated with historical significance. Leveraging the power of data and technology, we pieced together the puzzle necessary to captivate a younger audience.

Since 1366, there's a possibility that any depicted beer in a painting could be Stella Artois. We've devised an algorithm to assess this likelihood, considering comprehensive data about the painting, historical brand expansion, beer color, emergence of competitors, timing, and the geographic region where the painting was created.

We launched an interactive event at the National Museum of Art in Buenos Aires and a web application to calculate the probability that the beers in the paintings were Stella Artois.

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