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To bring our celestial gifting story to life, we brought the stars down to earth, by creating the first ever duet between a star in space & a musical star, John Legend, performed live at our interactive stars installation in NYC.

With the help of astrophysicist, Zoltán Kolláth, we captured the sounds of stars and worked with John Legend to compose an iconic holiday song made up of our original star sounds.

For the world premiere of the song, ‘Under The Stars’ we pulled the stars from the sky, creating a kinetic light installation choreographed to an intimate performance by John Legend himself, that became the official music video.

We then opened our installation to the public. As people reached up, the stars descended, emitted their sound and took your picture, creating instagram-worthy photos for attendees to share, and in turn share the holiday story of Stella Artois.


"In November, we introduced the world to our song, ""Under the Stars"". The song was teased through press and media and leveraged as a way to promote the Stars event in New York City, where John Legend performed it live to a select influential audience.

From December 9-12, over 6,000 guests were taken on a journey through the stars that began with an introduction to our origin story, followed by an immersive, interactive stars experience, and ended with a memorable social tasting experience.

Each step of the journey appealed to the senses and was designed for social moments.


The installation became a must do New York event, with over 6,000 people attending in just 3 nights.

The event and song were covered by entertainment outlets during prime time cable reporting on shows like Extra! & E! news, as well as credible cultural news sources like The Rolling Stones, MTV, Refinery29, Billboard, & People Magazine.

The song itself was played 7 million times.

In total the experience and song received 225 million earned impressions. Including 35 million from the photos captured by event attendees and shared out to their social networks. In just 3 days we beat the brand's earned media goals for the entire quarter and the Stella Artois holiday origin story was shared creatively to people around the nation.

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