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The Audi Magazine Spring/Summer 18

LOVED, Hamburg / AUDI / 2018

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With the new strategy, Audi is more closely showcasing itself as an expert for modern and sustainable mobility. The magazine presents this expertise using sophisticated stories on relevant mobility topics and introduces protagonists who are seen as pioneers, leading thinkers and particularly progressive in their disciplines. This makes the magazine a more editorial work than it had been over the last 21 years.


Each edition takes the reader on a journey to various sites and people.

The aesthetics and image language are generous and opulent, the haptic is high quality. The red headlines in the form of a question serve as a guide – setting up the story that follows, which provides the answer. The high-volume paper and the cover finishing turn the magazine in to a 176-page, coveted coffee table book.


All the articles in the magazine centre round the topic of future mobility in all its facets. The answers are continually in the Audi brand context. The target audience is (current) Audi customers, fans and interested persons worldwide. They can purchase the magazine in nineteen countries for a price of 8 euros at the kiosk. Additionally, the content is adapted for 74 countries. As the magazine is an international brand-based version, all the stories are relevant for a global readership.

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