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The Baby Dove #RealMomsVillage Chatbot: a Data-driven Campaign Recognizing Moms’ Needs


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Since its inception in 2018, Baby Dove has positioned itself as one of the leading baby brands with its strong moisture proposition in a category that focuses on products that offer gentle and mildness for babies’ skin.

To battle a century-old heritage brand dominating the category, Baby Dove launched into the baby skincare space by doing something different: instead of just using traditional channels, it leveraged on the insight that a woman’s mindset changes in every moment of her motherhood journey and utilized data-driven strategies that aimed to address every step of this journey.

And during its early years, Baby Dove disrupted the category with its rigorous data-driven strategy and innovative approach. However, despite its successful launch, Baby Dove's audience pool remains a leaky bucket as first-time moms eventually graduate and exit the category with their kids needing a different set of skincare products as they grow old.



Knowing that new data is essential in determining and properly targeting moms in their different life stages, Baby Dove invested heavily on data collection by launching the #REALMOMSVILLAGE CHATBOT – a more personal platform that serves as a compass and guide for moms in their motherhood journey.

Given the restrictions and challenges, the main purpose of the chatbot is to fill the gap and be a community that provides real parenting representation amid the pandemic, while also helping the brand to seamlessly collect data and use these in its precise messaging and communications moving forward.

With the chatbot, moms can get relevant content specific to her and the baby’s life stage. Members of the #RealMomsVillage can leverage on the brand’s credible expert partners on baby care and real parenting as well as get exciting and engaging rewards to consumers to purchase on eComm.


Baby Dove utilized multiple Facebook ad units for its data-driven strategy:

1/ Deployed an always-on click to messenger ad optimized for conversion. It used Facebook Conversions API to measure the number of people signing up after chatting with the #RealMomsVillage experience, a first-in-the-world innovation that has allowed the brand to properly measure conversions happening within the Messenger flow and retargeting accordingly – something that was not possible before.

2/ Aside from retargeting, it made sure to re-engage the moms by deploying Sponsored messages. Through these, Baby Dove was able to send offers, promotions, and update the #RealMomsVillage members directly.

3/ To further expand the community, the brand created a referral program within its existing users, encouraging co-moms to join the community and get rewards.

4/ To ensure seamless communication, Baby Dove utilized Facebook’s private message where the chatbot can directly reply to a comment on its branded post.


The campaign proved to be effective and drove stellar results:

• 27% Conversion Rate

• 4% lower cost per registration vs the usual optimization

• Messages increased by 212% vs 50% target

• 101,200 sign ups as of Nov 30, 2021, 80% accounted to the click to messenger chatbot campaign

• $0.43 average cost per completion vs $0.68

• Fastest growing baby brand in 2020 Nielsen, +15%

• #4 Baby Brand in the Philippines with double digit and consistent growth at 16x

• Baby Dove PH now 3rd in the world* (next to US and Brazil)!!

With Baby Dove’s goal to communicate to millennial moms based on their lifestage, the brand was able to land a messenger campaign that ensures to deliver conversion objective (sign up) and skip the prospecting stage with the usual click to messenger optimization.

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