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Progressive is #1 in motorcycle insurance, but competitors like GEICO, State Farm and Allstate are starting to gain consideration from riders. To defend our #1 spot, we needed to continue to produce work that reinforces Progressive understands riders better than anyone else.

While the outside world may stereotype “bikers” as one monolithic type, we know no two riders’ stories are the same. It’s not about "The Motorcycler", it’s about every rider and every story.

With this print campaign, our job was to keep Progressive in the top spot for motorcycle insurance by continuing to show that it understands riders better than anyone else and thus, drive riders to quote their motorcycle insurance with Progressive.


We used all in camera effects to shoot blurred backgrounds, because the joy of the getaway is too pure to be photoshopped.

First, we scouted locations and held motorcycle castings to find the perfect pairing of location and bike.

Then, using in-camera motion blur techniques, we captured nuanced blends of light and color that communicate the thrill of speed, our fast-moving world, and the passage of time. Each one-of-a-kind background plate has a distinct blend of blurred colors and patterning that is both calculated and totally free form.

Next, we headed to the studio to shoot the motorcycles, lighting each with bespoke color palettes to harmonize with its background. We thoughtfully added shadows, reflections, and colorful highlights that would have happened naturally if it had been shot on location.

The final collection created a dynamic color palate and featured authentic pairings of bikes and backgrounds to support each ad’s headline.


To connect with a motorcyclist, you must first understand where their head is at: on the road. No matter where they are, they can’t wait to get back on their bike. This print campaign is dedicated to the rush of relief and excitement that riders get when they leave an event on their motorcycles.

Progressive doesn’t directly measure print creative in market, however, Progressive reported 5% annual growth in their Special Lines business, which includes motorcycle insurance (reported February 2023) and continue to be #1 in motorcycle insurance among competitors. Engaging creative that shows Progressive understands its audience better than anyone else has been a winning formula for years.

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