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Roger Federer Retirement Campaign

TBWA, Zurich / CREDIT SUISSE / 2023

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Credit Suisse and Roger Federer are teammates since 2009, when the unlimited sponsorship started. Of course, it’s a big deal to the bank to honor its major testimonial in his retirement. So, when Roger announced the end of his glorious career with an open letter to his fans and revealed that his last professional game would take place in London, at the Laver Cup 2022, we had to adequately.

The goal was, simply put to honor not only Roger, the athlete and his achievements, but even this was about highlighting one thing that made him stand out on and off the court: his attitude.


In this particular ad, we wanted to stand out from the mass of ads dedicated to RF by his numerous sponsors who focused on his legendary achievements as a tennis player. Instead we took another approach and focused on the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one, which, even to a "superhuman" like Roger might bring uncertainty.

We chose a long copy format to underline the meaning of this moment in Roger's life and of this tribute from Credit Suisse to him.

The language we chose is simple, honest and straight forward, as we wanted the meaning of the words to carry the weight and not a particular writing style.


Our double page ads were published in the biggest swiss newspapers and magazines reaching a total of 2'295'000 readers which amounts to more than 25% of whole Switzerland.

NZZ am Sonntag - 325 000

Sonntags Blick - 334'000

Sonntags Blick Special - 325'000

Le Matin Dimanche - 395'000

La Domenica - 55'000

Schweizer Illustrierte - 592'000

L'Illustré Special - 292'000

When the second biggest swiss bank pays tribute to the greatest swiss athlete of all times, in the largest newspapers of the country, in a historic moment in sports, the awareness generated is considerable.

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Roger Federer Retirement Campaign

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Roger Federer Retirement Campaign


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