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The multi-media partnership between Credit Suisse, Havas International and CNBC was created to boost awareness of the brand amongst UHNWIs and enable the client to strengthen its global position through powerful editorial content across all CNBC platforms.

By exploring the stories and careers of UHNWIs, TBO (Season 1 launched 2017), has quickly become a reference point for this target audience; standing out in the crowded entrepreneur marketplace; providing a dominant brand position for the client; establishing the brand as a bank for the future that supports global entrepreneurs.

CNBC partnered with Credit Suisse to:

- Increase brand awareness and consideration within the target demographic of UHNWIs

- Position the brand as committed to supporting entrepreneurs and innovation

- Position the brand as a forward-thinking and progressive banking and/or wealth management provider

The campaign seeks to deliver brand metrics that would build trust, positivity and familiarity within the target demographic.


When formulating the creative idea at the start of the partnership, we benchmarked performance using recent Global Web Index (GWI) analysis of 16 advertisers on CNBC, which indicated brand consideration increased by 59% on average, with the best performing increasing by 140%.

Prior to the production of season 2, a bespoke study was conducted to evaluate the impact, engagement and appeal of the activity from season 1. We took a deep dive into the attitudes of the client’s target audience and key competitors, revealing an 18% YoY uplift in brand awareness.

Thanks to featuring dynamic UHNWIs aka ‘Brave Ones’, viewership increased by 12% from season 1 to 2, demonstrating greater purity of the viewing profile. Season 3 strategy thus benefited from greater clarity in terms of determining the global personalities, stories and contributors per episode that would resonate more closely with the target audience.


With the help of Havas International, we targeted UHNWIs to help boost favourability of Credit Suisse’s wealth division within this audience.

The strategy resulted in a premium content series that highlights the ups and downs, the turning points and the brave choices made by unique individuals – showcasing their entrepreneurial spirit and drive.

Series 2 featured 8 videos and corresponding immersive features on a dedicated The Brave Ones show page on (, with premieres and repeats of TBO across CNBC’s EMEA, APAC, Latam and World TV feeds.

This partnership has convened brave entrepreneurs who have founded or led businesses with a collective value of over $729 billion. Each episode showcases what bravery means through the deeply personal profiles of successful entrepreneurs, visionaries and corporate executives, across CNBC global TV networks, digital platforms and social channels. Platform-specific versions, series and episode promos also boosted visibility of TBO.


The media partnership was based around an integrated TBO campaign across TV, digital and social:


- Exclusive sponsorship of TBO TV series, airing on CNBC’s EMEA, APAC, LATAM and World feeds

- Sponsorship of episodes’ billboards and bumpers, series trailers, episodic promos and highlight vignettes

- Credit Suisse TV Brand Spots airing on CNBC’s TV feeds during the whole length of the campaign


- Exclusive sponsorship of TBO show page on

- Tactical activation through display and rich media ad banners, including desktop, mobile and tablet ROS placements, keyword targeted placements, homepage takeovers, video pre-roll and highly impactful rich media units across CNBC digital platforms


- Sponsored social media content of the Brave Ones on CNBC’s International handles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram)

The campaign launched in April and continued through to yearend with a summer hiatus.


The campaign raised awareness and favourability amongst Credit Suisse’s target audience. It drives strong, positive actions (users to sponsor’s website) and over-delivers on viewers:

- 37% - Likely to recommend Credit Suisse to others

- 47% - Would consider using clients’ products in the future

- 50% - Would visit the client website to find out more whilst 41% have already done so

- 37% - Would be more positive towards the client; 37% have demonstrated positive actions towards client

TBO exceeded KPIs:

- Total social engagement of 49,000 (target 41K)

- Total impressions across TV of 114M (target 111M)

- 33% of weekly CNBC viewers have watched TBO, outperforming other major CNBC shows

- 98% viewers likely to take positive action as a result of seeing TBO

- 97% of the viewers of TBO believed the media partnership between the client and CNBC was the strongest possible media partnership.

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