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The 'Yimsu' campaign has been running for over 4 years, with the goal of inspiring everyone to recognize the strength of 'Yimsu' in order to conquer life obstacles and exceed their limits.

This year, Colgate aims to make it different by using the new story telling approach, shining a spotlight on all the 'Single Moms' on the Mother’s day, encouraging society to appreciate their ‘Yimsu’ spirit as fighters who never give up on securing their child’s future.


Our profound desire is for Colgate's brand essence, encapsulated in the empowering motto "smile strong" or "yimsu" in Thai, to radiate as a luminous and enduring source of aspiration. We envision it as a guiding light that not only ignites the flames of fighting spirit within individuals but also provides them with the resilience to transcend the formidable adversities they encounter.

With this unwavering and optimistic outlook, we aim to empower people, helping them ascend and take control of their destinies, unyielding in the face of life's challenges, and emerging as beacons of strength and hope.


The number of single parents in Thailand has risen to 1.34 million, with 80% of them being single mothers.

Lacking support from Thai society, single mothers face discrimination and oppression in their everyday lives. In addition to the financial, emotional, and familial pressures they must face alone, they are often stigmatized as inadequate mothers incapable of providing their children with a better future.

As a brand that believes everyone deserves a future worth smiling about, we aim to encourage single mothers to continue fighting for their children's futures and let their resilient spirit serve as an inspiration for everyone to find strength in a smile, even in the face of life's challenges.


The film starts by drawing viewers into the narrative by using footage shot from a spectator’s perspective combined with the ambience of the stadium crowd to create the feeling of physically being there watching the fight.

However, after seeing Tri being knocked down to the ground, each of the referee’s count is heard over footage depicting the hardships that Tri had to fight her way through. Each of the setbacks starts from Tri’s POV to put viewers in her shoes and immerse them into every tough situations being relived and played in a non-linear sequence.

With all of the above combined, the film’s narrative was turned into a captivating experience for viewers rather than leaving them as a spectator throughout. The film then ends right at the moment a ‘yimsu’ smile is seen on Tri’s face to leave the rest open to the viewer’s imagination.


On a day when mothers from ideal, perfect families are celebrated, we made Mother’s Day celebrations more inclusive with our film, reaching 14 million people within just 24 hours and accumulating a total of over 57.6 million views and counting.

Generating 100% positive reactions, the film inspired thousands of people to share their appreciation and support on social media.

More than just a brand ambassador, Moon Shadow became a true Yimsu advocate, being invited to speak as an inspiring figure on various TV channels.

The film sparked conversations supporting single moms in their everyday struggles while also inspiring female boxers not to give up on their dreams.

Increasing purchase intent by 33% (the highest record in Colgate marketing history) and achieved the highest brand equity score in the last 5 years.

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