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The Brake Room

McCANN, New York / CHICK-FIL-A / 2024

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Background & Context: Through focus groups and day-in-the-life studies, we discovered that despite food delivery workers' importance to the livelihood of the restaurant industry and the lives of New Yorkers, they felt invisible, unappreciated, and unheard.

Amid headlines of mistreatment and New York City’s inaction regarding the protection of delivery workers rights, Chick-fil-A recognized that raising awareness alone wouldn't lead to meaningful change in their lives.

Creative Challenge:

Chick-fil-A needed to make a difference in the lives of delivery workers as they became an extension of the brand. Furthermore, we needed to disrupt the status quo and inspire others to act and do better for this community.

Solution & Execution:

The Brake Room was a first-of-its-kind rest station dedicated to food delivery workers, designed to make them feel valued by addressing both physical and emotional challenges they faced.

From the thoughtfully designed space to the amenities provided, we prioritized the needs of the workers. The space offered a comfortable area to rest, access water, use restroom facilities, grab coffee and snacks, recharge their phones, and connect with fellow delivery workers—all at no cost to them. To express our gratitude, the space featured a live digital display showcasing genuine thank-you messages from the city.

We portrayed delivery workers in a new light through black-and-white photography featuring real NYC delivery workers, aiming to make them feel included and celebrated. Additionally, we displayed graphics on the walls in their native languages to ensure inclusivity for those who do not speak English.

To ensure the message reached those who needed it most, we strategically placed media in locations frequented by delivery workers. We utilized various out-of-home (OOH) and digital units to promote The Brake Room's launch. Wallscapes, bus shelters, and taxicab toppers spread awareness as delivery workers traveled through city streets. The Upper East Side location of the space was chosen based on New York City delivery traffic patterns and where Chick-fil-A experiences the highest volume of delivery business.

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