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JWT BRAZIL, Sao Paulo / FORD / 2014

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When the night comes, the characters in the film are taken by an uncontrollable desire to drive the Ford Focus. They can’t concentrate, they can’t sleep or work. All they can think about is the rush of getting behind the wheel of their Focus. They imagine themselves driving the car through empty streets. The rumble of the car’s engine penetrates their thoughts and seduces them. In the end, they can’t help but have fun in the night. The Focus is not only an invitation to drive, it is a calling.


The TV spot introduced the concept of “The Calling” but on YouTube users could go deeper into the story. At Ford’s Brand Channel, additional videos showed testimonials of people who had witnessed the phenomenon first-hand.

In the website, users could explore the car’s features in an unconventional manner. The content changed according to the access time: the car and its features were more grounded during the day, but at night everything changed and features become all about performance and technology. There were even nocturnal test-drives and the dealers stayed opened until late.


The highly sophisticated retail campaign helped the Focus to regain the number one spot in sales in its category, dethroning the all-new VW Golf, which was the most awaited launch of the last few years in Brazil.

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