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We had the good fortune of building the experience upon a newly-landed brand idea called “We All Soup”. We All Soup springs from the insight: “In a world where we are often pulled apart, and yearn for a sense of belonging - soup brings us together. In every country and culture soup warms us up and slows us down.”

That insight inspired our pop-up retail idea called The Cantina by Campbell’s. It was an idea to bring people together around soup in a surprisingly delicious, beautiful and exciting interactive sampling experience in a neighbourhood loved by Millennials. A renowned local chef, talented space designers and well-trained friendly staff would ignite the idea.

The name ‘cantina’ was chosen because it speaks to the street-level, come-on-in, group-energy vibe we wished to create, and because its Spanish nature hints at something beyond your ordinary Campbell’s expectations.


Cantina by Campbell’s took place over twenty wintery days in a retrofitted brick and beam retail space in Toronto’s Queen St. West neighbourhood. Each guest was welcomed out of the snow into a restaurant-like room loaded with natural light, whited-out walls, oversize custom pop-art pieces and friendly staff.

Once in the space, guests were given four sample-size Campbell’s-based soup creations by local super chef Matt Dean Pettit. They were encouraged to garnish as they wished at at a bar that defied the wildest of expectations. Oversized harvest tables encouraged a community-loving “We All Soup” vibe.

The physical experience was anchored by a wall made up entirely of Andy Warhol soup cans. A close-up, massive and beautiful re-imagination.

Everyone was asked to place a sticker on a wall to contribute to charity (the stickers collectively produced a pop are installation).


14% dollar sales growth in Campbell's products at stores within closest proximity in the 4 weeks following Cantina vs 2% market growth in the rest of the province.

Survey Question:

How much did the experience positively change your perception of Campbell’s? - Average 4.4 (scale 1-5) – 88%

Unique Attendees:

16,250 Patrons served

+8.3 % above target

Bowls of Soup Served:

65,000 bowls of soup

+8.3 % above target

Donation Wall:

15,950 stickers placed

15,000 cans donated to Daily Bread Food Bank

+6.3% above target

Street/Venue Impressions:

441,000 pedestrians

1,029,000 cars

Traditional Media Impressions:

19 MM+

Social Media:

17 MM+

#WeAllSoupTO number 1 trending hashtag on Feb 1st (launch day)

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