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McCANN LIMA, Lima / COCA-COLA / 2013

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Coca-Cola is a historic sponsor of the national soccer team and has always given encouragement and positive messages.

The cheering stripe represents an iconic element of the country since the Peruvian jersey has been around for decades, even when Peru went to its last world cup back in 1982. The videos will remind Peruvians of the meaning and power of the stripe while encouraging them to keep cheering and supporting their team.

Combining a national icon with a positive and realistic message made this idea and actions powerful and relevant to the target and product.


On the Brand:

With an investment of less than US$ 40,000 and free publicity of US$ 255,000, Coke achieved a strong emotional connection with consumers, reflected in a sales increase of 13%.

On the web:

The videos got over 1’200,000 views in only 7 days. They became trending topic and one of the most popular videos worldwide and raised attention from local and international media.

On the fans:

A renewed feeling which sold out the matches against Colombia, Argentina and Chile.

The encouragement stripe opened happiness; the national team won and still has chances to qualify. We all believe again.

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