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The Christmas Exchange

Y&R ITALIA, Milan / VODAFONE / 2016

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We challenged Italians to have fun with what is most important to them: family celebrations, recreating the typical situations that happen in an Italian family at Christmas in a branded content video



First, in collaboration with the jackal, the most popular Italian social-media influencers, we created a branded content video on our Facebook fan page about the worst things that can happen at Christmas time in Italy

The second video was about the very worst thing that can happen at Christmas: receiving awful presents. At the end of the video, we invited Vodafone Facebook fans to share photos of the worst gifts they received.

We shared a third content with a hit parade of their worst gifts.

Finally we launched the activation "The Christmas exchange".

We invited people to register on our Facebook tab and go to our stores to exchange their nasty presents for a Vodafone gift: 1 free giga of web-traffic


18 December - 11 January


Traffic store

+1600 % traffic to store

The sells generated from the extra-traffic store has covered the campaign cost in less than 10 days.

Social media results

7.000.000 organic video views 

11.000.000 total video views

75.000.000 impressions

500.000 interactions

Page engagement: more than 10 times the TLC Italian average on the same period.

Others results

78.000 lead generated in 9 days

Media earning €700.000

The operation has been reported from the main national media:

TV News: TG4, Studio Aperto.

Magazine and newspaper: GQ, Corriere della sera, La stampa, Corriere del mezzogiorno.

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