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The Cube Platform

VSTREAM, Dublin / SAP, VSTREAM / 2017

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The Cube Platform is made-up of three physical installations, 'The Cube', 'The Pillar' and 'The Mini Cube'. The 'Platform' is software that allows these physical installations to be quickly and easily programmed by content, managed and monitored. The ultimate aim is that a network of these physical installations can be easily programmed by an agency across multiple venues (as bought media) and an ecosystem of content creators will allow for 'Cube' owners to license content they have commissioned or license content from a Cube Content Market, as with an app and smartphone symbiosis.

Identifying the need of malls, sports stadia and other large public places to create 'entertainment' destinations, while lowering the hardware costs of running an off-line, interactive creative campaign for an agency is what drives the development of this solution.

The budget for this can come from a combination of infrastructure and partner sponsorship eg 'The SAP Cube'.


Our innovation has several integrated parts, the concept, the physical structure and the software. The concept proposes a radical approach to solving footfall, consumer engaement and online-offline integration for brands in large public spaces. It is both interactive and sculptural while retaining the dynamism needed for a multi-functional space. From a physical point-of-view, our patent-pending design links multiple TOLED screens together in a Cube or Pillar formation to allow for unique visual layering. The design of teh frame allows it to be rugged for public useage, flexible for earth quakes while keeping a minimal visual footprint, keeping the integrity of the visula concept of Cube (a 'glass box'). From a software point-of-view, we developed a high-performance video player in Unity3D that is connected to a Node.JS server via to allow each side of a Pillar or Cube to talk to each other. This real-time signalling between machines allows us to drive multiple TOLED 'video walls' while also syncing with internal Pillar screens and multiple interactive hardware such as IR Frames or Kinect-type devices, thus leading to a world's first interactive, multi-layering visual for new types of creative outputs.


vStream are raising investment to ruggadise the solution, improve its physical flexability and build an international network of innovative creative platfroms allowing for inspiring and dynamic content to engage fans and consumers, all supported by an ecosystem of creative, interactive content. We intend the Cube platfrom to be the 'go-to' solution for signage in open public spaces in malls, stadia, airports and so on - connecting the personal with the public.

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