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The Curious Cat Book

ALMAPBBDO, Sao Paulo / MARS / 2018

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Books always stimulate our curiosity. It’s what keep us reading page after page. And there may be thousands of books about cats. But not a single one for them. What if there was a book developed to be enjoyed by cats? That’s how “The Most Curious Cat In the World” story began.


Based on a true story, the book tells the saga of a cat who traveled 600,000 miles in 52 days after escaping from its travel carrier on a flight to London. Inspired by that, we created Watif, a cat whose curiosity took him around the world. Illustrations of 16 destinations were beautifully crafted on every page. Each one of them featuring a surprise: toys to nourish cats’ curiosity. An audiobook version was also released. In order to offer a similar experience for the cats, the tracks of the audiobook featured soundscapes adapted to each destination, developed from a neurological study on sound stimulation for cats.


Every social influencer who received the Curious Cat Book posted about. As a result, the book was news on design, pet lovers and marketing websites. Whiskas saw a significant increase in brand awareness and engagement on social media. There were so many requests for the book, that a version is being developed to be sold at bookstores and pet shops.

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