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The Dullest Ad in History for the Least Active Kids in History

FP7/DXB, Dubai / OMO / 2018


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With its global positioning of “Dirt is Good”, OMO encourages active outdoor play for children’s well-being and development.

But in the Middle East owing to cultural reasons, dirt is not considered good. How clean a child looks defines what makes a good mother.

So, kids in the Middle East spend less than an hour a day engaged in physical activity, playing outside and getting dirty...which means that for 23 hours, they are idle and inactive. All the free time they have (besides food, sleep, studying and bathroom breaks) is most likely spent with electronics, which are preferred by parents in the Middle East.

How could OMO provoke a change in behaviour? How could OMO get kids out, playing, being active and getting dirty and bring its brand purpose of "Dirt is Good" to life in a region where the reaction to it was almost hostile?


Along with the 23-hour live stream on Facebook and other social media channels (YouTube, Vimeo and Twitter via Periscope), we also made a 7-hour video about screen time. And a 4-hour one about TV time.

With parents debating the inactivity of #KidsToday, we switched from provoking them, to helping them.

We teamed up with child psychologists who responded online in real time, explaining the importance of active play.

We launched shorter films where kids reminded their parents that if they aren’t encouraged to get off the couch, more of them will end up depressed, obese, or with learning difficulties.

Webisodes were created with medical professionals to help parents overcome key challenges.

And ambient messaging in playgrounds drove parents online to know more about the campaign.

Finally, we turned eBay into an advertising channel by giving away kids’ swings and slides for free, to help encourage more outdoor play.

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